Hacker Kitchen source sustainable and hardwearing surfaces and finishes from nature. A designer kitchen from Hacker is tested in life and in its natural environment. The mix of materials available does offer an aesthetically and practical solution for every home.

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Along with stone, wood is one of the oldest building materials and its properties make it a good, natural building material. All of the components necessary for its production – earth, water, air and sun – are present in nature and also reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

The exquisite veneers used on surfaces are also made of solid wood. When manufacturing veneers, thin wooden plates are separated from the trunk and applied to a high-quality carrier material. This natural look makes the kitchen very cosy.

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Stone Slate Surface

Slate is a natural product. Its character and look have evolved over millions of years. No two kitchen worktops are the same. It remains unique! Natural stone is a very solid material. It can barely be scratched by kitchen gadgets and is easy to clean.

Because of its surface, natural stone does not provide any breeding ground for allergy particles or micro-organisms and therefore, has all the qualities of an ideal kitchen cabinet front or worktop. Individuality paired with nature gives this slate cabinet front an incomparable look and emphasises the high quality of your kitchen.

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Ceramic is based on a foundation of natural materials. The material, a mixture of clay, feldspar and quartz sand, is fired at temperatures of around 1200 degrees Celsius. Modern manufacturing processes result in a very uniform and tough material.

The fired surface is impermeable to water, recyclable and absolutely safe for food, so no waterproofing is required. If properly handled and cared for, ceramic is incredibly scratch-resistant, acid-resistant and very easy to clean. A robust partner in creating as much comfort as possible in your kitchen. The highest design requirements meet multifaceted functionality and make your kitchen an absolute highlight.

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Concrete is a cool all-rounder. This building material has been around since in ancient times and today it’s experiencing its renaissance. Concrete is produced from the natural components of sand, cement and water.

Thanks to its properties, virtually all shapes are possible. It has a good life cycle assessment and is long-lasting. Architecture across the world could not exist without this building material. Without concrete, the world would have a different face. Our concrete surfaces give your kitchen complete individuality and character.

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Thanks to its amorphous structure, between liquid and solid, glass is a fascinating material to work with and has also been part of architecture and design for hundreds of years. Today, glass is part of everyday life in virtually all respects. Through the use of ceramic printing at 650°C, the colour of the front is permanently and irreversibly joined to the glass.

Furthermore, before the glass surface is applied to the timber beams, it is heated again in a special process, turning it into safety glass. This process gives the glass increased shock and impact resistance in comparison to normal sheet glass. Whether in satin or gloss, it gives every kitchen that little something extra.

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Front panels and the surrounding components are available in various lacquered finishes; whether as matte lacquer with its silky, shimmering surface or in high gloss with a brilliant depth effect. Our lacquered cabinet fronts will make your kitchen shine.

The water-soluble lacquer system requires almost no solvents and is, of course, free of formaldehyde. Due to the effects of UV rays, extremely durable finishes of the highest quality that meet the toughest chemical and mechanical demands have been developed. The lacquer is characterised by its elegance and high resistance to light.