The name Häcker Küchen stands for reliability, progressiveness and quality at fair prices. We owe our excellent market position not only to the strength of our sales and production departments and contemporary new developments, but above all to the high quality of our products.

Our quality policy is aimed primarily at ensuring customer orientation, maximum quality, and constant improvement. Our aim is not just to satisfy our customers, but to delight them.

Another very important aspect for our customers is product safety. To that end, Häcker regularly undergoes external monitoring by TÜV Rheinland, who carefully checks our sequences and products and confirms their conformity. This entitles us to bear the GS symbol for tested safety.

The ket to success lies in the continuous improvement of products and processes and, in particular, that every single one of the company's employees is willing to accept the challenges of its quality policy every day.

GS Tux Hacker Kitchens 1

This range of kitchen furniture has been submitted to safety inspections by LGA QualiTest GmbH's testing and certification centre, and the GS test mark confirms that the furniture meets all requirements for safety, load-bearing, material consistency and ease of use. The GS mark also confirms that we are regularly subjected to third-party monitoring, which ensures that the requirements for new products and developments are also met without fail.

Note: The GS sign applies exclusively to the listed kitchen furniture and worktops. For items in the category of merchandise (appliances, sinks, accessories, home living furniture etc.) we require the manufacturers to provide confirmation that they fulfil all relevant standards and Our fitted kitchens meet the standard of quality DIN EN 14749.

LGA Intercert hacker kitchens 2

The LGA Intercert GmBh certificated that our company operates on a process-oriented quality management system which is used in all areas, from product developement up to production and fitting and aftersales-service.

As an industrial company we take our share of responsibility for the conservation improvement of the environmental achievement. Therefore we have introduced an environment management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and have this certified by the certification centre LGA Intercent GmBh (TÜV Rheinland).

The use of low-emission water-based lacquer contributes significantly to the reduction of emission. For the waste disposal we focus on recyclable materials and ensure that all documented packaging are material processed and that the regulations on packaging are fulfilled.

Management System hacker kitchens 3

We run a modern environmental, quality and energy management system. (DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001)

Management System iso50001 4

Corporations should be urged to increase the resource efficiency of their activities, especially the forces of the resource energy. Energy management systems become more and more important and provide a possibility to systematically build up the necessary change of the energy consumption of corporations and thereby to fulfill the new and stricter operrations of law.

Only with an effective energy management system corporations can be supported in their efforts to lower the costs and to raise the efficiency and to withstand in the global competition.

The effectivity of the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 has been certified by the certification centre LGA Intercert GmbH (TÜV Rheinland).

PEFS hacker kitchens 5

We have successfully accomplished the certification audit according to the guidelines of the PEFC Council. The certificate is available from 1st January 2011.

Puresist hacker kitchens 6

PUResist water protection system

We have changed the bonding system of our formed edges of fronts, carcase parts and surround materials and focus on an improved technology, based on a physical / chemical setting of the adhesive.

Quality pros: higher thermic resistance through physical / chemical setting (e.g. under extreme impact of heat such as container transport) optimal protection against ingress of moisture.

RKT recycling kontor hacker kitchens 7

Recycling certificate:

RKT recycling office transport packaging

Our packaging materials are licensed by the management companies. Thereby it is guaranteed that packaging is collected by the waste management partners, documented packaging are material processed and that all regulations on packaging are fulfilled.

Puremission hacker kitchens 8

With PURemission all wooden products of the complete model range will comply with the high US-American standards regarding permissible formaldehyde threshold values from now on and will once more at the same time undercut clearly the European specifications. Through a careful selection of timber materials and our suppliers we have managed to comply with the emission guidelines according to CARB2 93120 and TSCA title 6. The maximum values of the European guidelines for emission class E1 are adhered to or rather significantly undercut.

All used materials are destined and suitable for the application area of home furniture/ kitchen furniture.
The materials are subject to continuous monitoring. They are free from pesticides and insecticides. Also we are not aware of any other harmful emissions. The production of the furniture takes place according to industrial methods and standards