Why buy a 'German Made'?

Germany is known for producing the best of most things they put their hands to, and this is no exception for the kitchen industry. The Häcker factory, where all our kitchen components are produced, has a history of more than a hundred years in making quality kitchens. In the research and development division they test every item offered in our range, ensuring that decades of use will not impact the performance of your kitchen. This is why we confidently can say that a Häcker kitchen will last you 25-30 years, and why we offer a 25 year warranty on all our kitchens.

How long does it take my kitchen to get here?

Once the kitchen design has been finalised, it takes around 12 weeks for the kitchen to land in Australia. A kitchen ordered by sea freight takes approximately 12-14 weeks to arrive from the date of initial payment, whereas a kitchen ordered by air freight takes approximately 5 weeks to arrive.

What are your price ranges?

Our budget varies greatly depending on the size and finish of your kitchen. Some people have large kitchens with huge walk-in sculleries while others are doing up a small apartment kitchen. Generally speaking, our kitchens average price being somewhere between 35-65,000.

What happens if something is damaged during or after the installation process?

If a component is damaged during the freight or installment process we reorder this part straight away. The new component is either airfreighted, if it is safe to do so, or added to the next available container shipment. Once the part arrives we contact you to arrange a suitable time to install it.

How long is your warranty?

Our warranty is 25 years. We stand by our kitchens, and they stand the test of time.

Are the kitchens modular?

All of our kitchens are made to order. Once you order your kitchen your production slot is booked with our factory in Germany. We have a vast range of componentry and are able to make completely customised sizes to make your kitchen fit perfectly in your home.